How Do Sewing Machines Work? – Discover The Tech Behind Them

November 6, 2017

Everybody knows what a sewing machine is, unless you have been living under a rock or in a faraway island. However… do you know how they work? There’s interesting tech behind them, and in this article you’ll learn more about it.

And yes, they’ve evolved with the pass of the time like most tools in all industries, but let’s take a deeper and more analytic look to the tech behind these incredible machines!

But first…

Why Are They Important?

You may not know it, but without them our world would be much different. You have no idea how different it would be, because without them it’d be impossible to craft clothing the way we do, and especially in mass.

Without them it’d be possible to automate certain processes, which in return, would make the process of making clothes much slower, and therefore, almost impossible to scale up without using tons of workforce. Fortunately, these machines simplify everything and make our lives easier.

They are not only important for big industries but also for small tailor shops and workers, because it makes their work much easier, quicker and efficient, and that’s something we all should acknowledge.

So now you should understand why a sewing machine is such a big deal, and why it is important for us, because without them we wouldn’t have accomplished so many things…

How Do They Work?

Well, we can summarize it all with the following GIF:

Now an image speaks more than 1 thousand words, but let’s dig deeper in order to understand the mechanism and technology that gives life to a sewing machine.

The main component of any sewing machine is the needle, which is the responsible of the main part of the process of sewing. It can be different depending on the type of machine, but at the end of the day it is just a needle similar to the one you use for hand sewing.

Then we have the bobbin and the shuttle which are essential for the normal functioning of the machine. They assist the needle at the hour of sewing, and without them it’d be impossible for the machine to work.

These are the parts of the machine that make it function without problems. As you can see they are only three, but they are fundamental for making this machine work, and it is amazing how we have evolved from hand sewing to such a refined and elevated form of doing this process.

And yes, it took several years of research and experiments to achieve this current level of efficiency. That’s the process of history and technology: innovations and the pass of the time bring real change, and sewing machines are not indifferent to this situation.

Final Words:

That’s it. Now you know more about how these machines work, their importance and the interesting tech that’s behind them. If you have any question feel free to post it in the comments.