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Google: Say Good-Bye to Google Now Launch App

February 9, 2017

What? Yes, you read it right. Google is soon to discontinue its app known as Google Now Launch. But why? In this article we are going to explore all about this news, so you can know why the company has taken this decision and the possible consequences.

It’s very strange because Google Now Launch was a pretty good app, especially for those who love Android. Now that this will be wiped out, phone makers will have to include their own launchers. And this may be either good or bad, because some companies can do it very well while others can completely ruin it.

What Will Change?

The effect is kind of obvious: Companies will now have to develop their own launchers. This can be either good or bad, because we are more than sure that many companies will indeed do a good job with their own launchers. While others may make things worse.

Google has stated that companies are free to use certain features from the original Google Now Launch app. So you should not be surprised to see that many of these new launchers will include features from the good old one.

So this is essentially what will change with the entrance of this new action by Google. Because now companies will have to take care of launchers on their own.

But one of the problems is the one we are going to see shortly. Because this new action by Google is also going to cause certain issues.

The Problems It Can Origin:

HTC is a company which is known for fabricating excellent smartphones. There’s no doubt about it. If you change their inventory, then you will see that they have a large number of excellent phones which are considered to be amongst the best in the market.

The problem is that HTC is not so good at creating good interfaces, and with the retirement of Google Now Launch, we are not sure if they will do a good job developing a decent launcher. They still can do it, but chances are that their launcher won’t be as good as the original app.

The same goes to Samsung. Although we are more than sure that they will do a good job, some people agree that they will have a hard time developing a launcher that can compare to the original one.

All in all it will be a challenge to all companies which make use of the Android OS. There’s no doubt that this weird move by Google is going to present many challenges. And we can already see it from now.


As we can see this is will have a gigantic effect. We don’t really know why Google has decided to do it, but this action will have many consequences in the market of phones which use Android as their OS. Anyway, we hope companies do their best and release excellent launches, so we all can enjoy of the best performance.