Top 5 Cool Tech Products You Can Buy in 2017

July 17, 2017

If you are looking for something pretty cool to buy in 2017, then you have landed onto the right corner of the internet.

This article will bring you some pretty badass options that are sure to make your mind blow away. Yeah, they are powerful and I’m aware of it.

Yet, I want to share this with you, because I believe this listing will help you. This will help you tons, and I will be pretty happy if it happens.

Now let’s see how you can spend your cash in something pretty badass.

A GoPro Camera:
If you want to give your pal a gift he can brag about, then make sure it’s a Go Pro camera. It’s equipped with the latest advances in camera technology for some cutting-edge photos and amazing films.

If your friend, brother, father or sister likes extreme sports, then this little camera is going to be a perfect gift for them.

Just be aware that it can be quite expensive, so, take that into account. But is it worth it? Totally, it’s one of the best tech gifts you can buy in 2017.

A Hoverboard:
Even though hoverboards were not invented in 2017, they are still killing it in sales in this year. And if you want to buy the best, then you should check this best hoverboard review on TopTenThebest. Because there you will get to see which one offers you the best value in the market, and hence, the highest value for your money.

So you should go and buy a hoveboard. It’s totally worth it, so just go for it.

A Drone:
What could be more tech and great than a drone?

You know, drones are on the rise and they come in all prices, sizes and uses. You can buy one for cheap just for the fun, or you can invest a few thousands into a drone for agriculture or surveillance.

A drone can serve many purposes, and that’s why it’s one of the best gifts in 2017.

A Fidget Spinner (YES):
I know that not a lot of people love them, but for sure a lot of them are hooked with these little spinning things.

They deserve a place here because they are super popular, affordable and cool in fact. What could be better and more entertaining than a little thing that spins non-stop?

You can even buy those which come with lights, which makes it even more appealing and interesting.

You can buy them as a bundle as well. This makes them even a better gift, because you can gift many of them in the same box.

A Sound Bar:
And finally here we have the sound bar. Why does it make a good gift? Because it is cool and it actually delivers a function to the person that uses it.

It’s a bit expensive, but you can find pretty good ones for less than $200 USD. Although, if you want something pretty awesome, then it’s going to cost you more money.

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Top Earbuds 2017 Has To Offer

June 6, 2017

Apple may have chalked the 3.5mm jack as obsolete but the rest of the world still finds this audio port incredibly useful on their smartphones, mostly due to the fact that it allows for easy connectivity with a number of audio devices. Earbuds have been around for quite a while now and are largely considered to be the best audio accessories to take on the go, they provide a great combination of portability and sound quality, and some even come with microphones in them that enable the earbuds to act as a hands free headset as well.

Over the years the design of earbuds has been refined in many ways, nowadays you can find earbuds that provide the same level of sound quality as you would expect from a quality set of headphones. Sound quality is important when shopping for a pair of earbuds, but that isn’t the only factor that you should take into consideration if you’re planning on getting a satisfactory pair of earbuds. You should also focus on the comfort factor of an earbud, since these audio accessories are designed to inserted inside of our ear canals, their tips need to be made of a soft material that moulds to the shape of our ear canal, an earbud’s insertion angle also helps reduce discomfort.

You can find earbuds with either rubber or foam tips, foam tips tend to be more comfortable but don’t hold up well against sweat and ear wax for long, meaning you’ll have to replace them every now and then, rubber tips last longer and they also improve an earbud’s grip. Some earbuds even come with ear hooks to keep them in place, these hooks work great at keeping earbuds from falling out even when you’re running or jumping, however they can be uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Along with comfort, you should also consider whether you want to go for a wireless pair of earbuds or a wired one, wireless earbuds are easier to manage, but at the cost of compatibility, you can use a wired pair of earbuds with any device that comes with a 3.5mm jack, but wireless earbuds connect through Bluetooth and therefore can’t be used as openly. Also, wireless earbuds are battery powered and need to be set aside for charging every now and then.

Speaking of wires, you should also think about whether you want earbuds that have inline controls or not, not everyone is a fan of inline controls since they weigh down one side of your earbuds and can be annoying to use. However, once you get used to them you can use them to change songs, volume and even attend calls if your earbuds have a microphone, without having to reach into your pocket and retrieve your phone.

There are all kinds of earbuds in the market nowadays, since picking out a good pair can be hard, you can take the help of many reviews on the internet that take the best earbuds and list down their details.

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Drones: All About Their Different Uses

February 10, 2017

Since a couple of years ago drones have been on the rise. They are simply becoming more and more popular with the pass of the time. And now in this new article we will explore all of their different uses.

Now it’s time for you to read. You are going to see how useful they are and why there’s a big interest in working on them. Because there are many companies and start-ups which are fixated on developing new types of drones and releasing new models to the market. Let’s check all of them.

Recreational Purposes:

Drones are pretty popular when it comes to recreational purposes. You have those which cost less than $50 USD, which make a perfect gift for the kids. And also you have those which are a bit more expensive at around $100-200 USD.

But you also have those which are really expensive. For example, a racing drone won’t cost you any lesser than $800 USD as a minimum. Because this kind of drone needs to be built with excellent materials and with the right technology, therefore it cannot be cheap under any mean.

When it comes to recreational purposes the market is pretty big, because drones are pretty cool and kids love them. You have them in all price ranges as we have seen. Usually those drones which cost less than $300 USD only have a flight time of 7-15 minutes. If you want something better, then you will have to spend more, more like $500-1000 USD for a drone which can spend around 30 minutes flying in the air without problems.

Military Purposes:

Drones are also kind of big in the military industry. In fact, you have many companies designing and developing drones for this particular industry. Because there’s a lot of money to be made here. These drones need to have very specific functions. For example, you have those which are used for surveillance purposes, and therefore it needs to be a drone capable of flying for a long time in the air without being detected.


Drones are also used in the agriculture industry. Why? Because they are great for surveillance purposes. Now you have those drones which can make a good analysis of the ground and the atmosphere. This kind of information is pretty necessary and actually helpful.


You should also know that drones can be used for photography without any problem. In fact, it’s normal to see journalists now using this kind of device to take better photos. There are drones which come with high-end cameras, and as you can easily guess, they are kind of expensive.

Home Improvement:

Drones can also be used for home improvement, because if you can see your home from a high point of view, then you can get a better overview on the things you can do and improve in order to make your house look better. Therefore the drone is a good tool for home improvement projects.

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